I’m More Than 47% Sure That Mitt Romney Has Cost Himself The Election

Back in 2008 – well, as early as 2005 – I was pretty sure that as it related to the election of Barack Obama that racism was alive and well enough to override common sensibilities and that he would not be president just yet.

Then on August 29, 2008 it was announced that Sarah Palin would be John McCain’s running mate. The whole of America not named John McCain and Sarah Palin were too busy saying “who?” to see that this was probably the very moment where the McCain campaign lost the election. Unleashed on the whole of us was someone who had dedicated her academic and personal life not to a political career, but apparently to be a public personality – specifically on ESPN. So intent on this, was she that she’d named a daughter after the city in Connecticut that the network is based.


Any of us who watched the HBO movie Game Change back in the spring or had been entertained by how the movie depicted what we already knew were sure of the fact that Sarah Palin’s VP consideration would be the item that was likely most damning to the 2008 GOP Presidential aspirations. As it were, she was often more about herself and refused herself the chance to simply shut the hell up before digging herself into too deep a hole. As it were, it was presented that what was said was most a case of her speaking when she really didn’t need to, or when she thought she might be speaking in confidence and it would make it to the light sooner rather than later and, therefore, used against her.

Well, Willard “Mittens” Romney seems to have “Palin’d” himself with the previously-posted-on-this-site leaked videos of his apparent support for Chinese slave labor and (worse) explaining in full enough detail his disdain for basically half of the US voting public.

This weekend, a graphic floated around the Book of Face…

[imagebrowser id=6]As with Palin before him – who at this point has pretty much NO support from the GOP election-winning machine establishment to the point where she is a political running joke for the most part – our buddy Willard Mittens Romney is fast on the retreat not only from having given his opponents simple fodder to come at him with only two weeks between him and the first of the presidential debates. He also has those in his own party so spooked by any connection to him and how damning it might be to their own continued viability whenever they come up for reelection distancing themselves from him. At that point where the politically expedient thing to do would be to call a meeting and have someone brainstorm a lie in the LEAST possibly intelligence-insulting vein, he decides to go off on his own and double down, instead trying to justify what was said.

In other words, he has somehow managed to step on his own dick.

One could say that we most value a little help from our “friends,” or in this case at least those purported to kind of be a little like us. At least McCain had a goon to go in and make these dumbass comments in his VP pick, thus providing him a scapegoat and saving his spot in the Senate. But with those very “friends” cutting and running the other way, we can all but name the leak of that “47%” video as the moment where Mittens may have ruined his campaign.