Economics of Sex Teaches Us Five Lessons

The economics of sex is an intriguing thing. Many of us love sex, must have sex, and cannot get enough of sex. However, the dynamics of the relationships between men and women make the situation tricky. For many years, there have been some discrepancies between what men want sexually and what women holistically desire.

The Austin Institute came up with this well explained, and even better illustrated, video dealing with the “economics of sex”. After watching this engaging and highly informational video, there are about five things that I took away from this video:

The Economics of Sex Is Affected By Birth Control

Birth control has actually made the sexual situation become a more “common” and “casual” pastime. Before, people in serious relationships had sex (marriage, mainly). Now, there is a split mating market: the sex seekers and the marriage brokers. While more men tend to seek out “having fun”, women are usually seeking “serious inquiries only”. Give thanks to that magical pill that kept people from getting pregnant.

Women Need to Have More Solidarity in the Economics of Sex

Market economists do note that women working together will raise the “market value” of sex. Meaning: many men will do more toward what women desire in order to be with them. Yet, men do not. And this is because women, instead of being united, have become each other’s competition. So, what standard can a man expect when they differ among women?

Let us create a scenario, if you will. A man has a choice between dating Tiffany (the one with more standards) and Tammy (the one with lower standards). If he is a man looking to have fun, then he will get with Tammy. Why? Because Tammy is the easier of the choices. And many men are as faithful/dedicated as their choices.

There is No Mention of the Women’s Liberation Movement on the Economics of Sex

The video notes birth control as having a negative effect on the economics of sex. Yet, they failed to mention the Women’s Liberation Movement coincided with the initial wave of birth control usage [1]. The mention of this movement is important because things drastically changed for women. This marked at time where women fought hard to break strong societal chains [2]. And these chains included choices in sexual expression.

The Economics of Sex has affected the Contemporary Man

Let us just put it out there: many men don’t hold themselves to a high standard on the dating scene. The problem is that they don’t have to. If you are a man that knows you will get women regardless of how successful or slovenly you are, then you are going to be apt to applying yourself only when necessary. This says a lot. Consequently, many men have become lax because they can get away with it.

Just goes to show you that people do certain things because they can.

Women Must Uphold Standards in the Economics of Sex

In the end, women need to make sure they are upholding the standards of how relationships go. The problem with this is that there are more women than men. This gives men the advantage of “choice/viable options”. Yet, men will only do what is allowed. Once women set a standard (as a whole), then there is no choice but to follow suit.

ecomomics-of-sex (1)This movie was enlightening and informative. I was enlightened to learn about how the economics of sex would work. This video came to be very informative about the dynamics of sexual relationships. Yet, we cannot be surprised by how things turned out. Thus, this video should give enough information for people looking to make the most of their relationships.

It is all about what a woman wants and needs. After that, the men respond. It is as simple as that.