WATCH: Trump Campaign is Nothing But a Scam

Sen. Marco Rudio was right when he said that Donald Trump is nothing but a con artist. Currently, Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is pretending t be a politician whose goal as president, as stated, is simply to “make America great again.”

There’s one problem: Trump isn’t really trying to become the nation’s forty-fifth president. From the looks of it, with a lack of cash on hand and no real attempts to raise funds on the part of the Trump campaign, this unconventional unlikely candidate seems to be more intent on making  money for himself. To me, this became quite evident the moment Trump said that he’d consider dropping out of the race for $5 billion and not the measly $150 million it has been rumored. Yes, Donald Trump’s campaign is the political version of the Nigerian email scam. Uh-huh, and like always, suckers are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

donald-trump-con-artist_650xIf the Republican party really cared about winning in November they’d pony up the $5 billion Trump said he’d take to drop out of the race. Yes, Trump did say he’d consider dropping out for that much. Yep, apparently making America great isn’t that important when you’re behind on your bills ‘n shit, like Trump.

If character, is what’s seen when nobody is looking, it’s hard to imagine Donald Trump being anything better than the piece shit that he is when the spotlight is on him. With his continued lies, incendiary and divisive bigoted rhetoric, it’s hard to imagine that Trump is serious.

This would explain why:

  • Trump has yet to release his tax returns.
  • Trump’s campaign has only 30 campaign staffers nationally.
  • Trump campaigning in red states and not swing states.

I could go on and on with this, but I’ll stop for now. Instead, I’ll hand it over the Rachel Maddow in the video below. Maddow makes a very good case that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is essentially a money making racket. She characterizes Trump’s campaign as a giant book tour, which explains why he is not assembling a real campaign staff or raising real campaign money. After watching the video, it all becomes clear. It especially becomes so, when Maddow chronicles just how much money is actually going to companies owned by Donald Trump.

Per The Huffington Post, Trump reported in May spending $423,372 for rooms and catering at his Mar-A-Lago club; $125,080 in rent and utilities to Trump restaurants; $35,845 on facilities rental and catering on the Trump National Golf Club; and $29,715 on facilities rental and catering at the Trump International Golf Club.

And that’s only a sample of the campaign money Trump used on his own businesses last month! In fact, The Associated Presshas found that expenditures on Trump’s own businesses account for 10 percent of his overall campaign spending so far.

Watch the video below: