Whatever You Do, Don’t Call the Cops! (Even if you ARE one!)


by Joanna (JuJuBe)

Larry Jackson has been a police officer for six years. So, when things got out of hand at his daughter’s 21st birthday party, a 911 call should have been perfectly reasonable, right?? WRONG!! Larry Jackson got his ass kicked by his fellow officers.

Of course, Larry Jackson is a Black man, and his “colleagues” who stormed his house and assaulted him, his guests and multiple family members were white. So, automatically, Larry Jackson was looked at as a suspect by the pigs.
“They didn’t treat me like a house-owner calling for help,” he said. “Everyone who lives in the 113th Precinct is not a perp.” (Source)
Larry Jackson was kicked and pummeled with batons. He has multiple bruises and a broken hand as a result. He was also pepper sprayed. He was pushed on top of his 82 year old mother in law, who was knocked out momentarily. Oh, and get this. HIS gun and badge have been taken, and he has been placed temporarily on modified duty!

Instead of protecting the Jackson family from the people who were disturbing their daughter’s party, the police looked at the Jacksons as criminals, and went on the attack. So, the Jacksons were the victims of the REAL thugs, the ones in uniform, instead of the SO CALLED “thugs” they originally called 911 to protect them from.

It is obvious that the police officers WOULD NOT have treated Larry Jackson this way if he had been a white man having a party with his white family. But, automatically, Jackson was seen as a criminal by the police because of the color of his skin. His uniform and badge were not able to protect him, because as soon as they come off, he is just another ________. (I think you can figure out what goes in the blank) to those who are supposed to “serve and protect”. And that is a damn shame.

So, if you are Black, do not call the police if you are in trouble. Call your uncle. Call the dude up the block who you know can get the situation under control quick, fast and in a hurry. Call the crazy old cat lady in the house next door. But, whatever you do, don’t call the cops, because you might end up with a beat down like Larry Jackson. Or, you may end up dead.