VOTE for Ieshuh Griffin, “NOT the White Man’s Bitch.”

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Every now and again, someone has the courage to say, “Fuck Uncle Sam” with an intensity that cannot be ignored. Recently, that has manifested in Ieshuh Griffin, an Independent candidate for a State Assembly seat in Milwaukee.

Her slogan is very simple, “Not the White Man’s Bitch.” I wish she would’ve added, “Or an Uncle Tom’s Ho.” Now that would’ve summed up the state of affairs in the political realm.

A whole bunch of side-swiping, knee jerking, semen swallowing and finger-pointing non-sense has been going on, on the Hill and little is getting done.

On a historical note, black women have been known to just put it all on the table when our backs are up against the wall, and this country is about to make folk drop the soap in a hot steamy prison shower and fuck us all.

You’ve got police tasering the sense out of elderly, upstanding women, police shooting black men like its duck season, and these damn tea baggers and conservatives jaw-jacking has the President shaking in his boots and making stupid hasty decisions.

But thank you for fucking with a real classy gangster, Shirley Sherrod. She has them all bowing down to her pinky toe for forgiveness. Don’t you know not to mess with an accomplished, Southern black woman. And I’m not talking about Tyler Perry’s “MaDeia.”

Since Obama’s nuts are tucked somewhere up his arse as of late in the case of race relations, I got to give two thumbs up to Ieshuh Griffin, who has put it on the line in the very white state of Minnesota. Now all she needs is a platform.

Her slogan is the most honest shit I’ve seen in politics in a minute.

But I must admit, Obama getting the financial reform clause passed and extending the benefits for long-term unemployed is cool . . . for now. But as we have all seen, rules have been changing to suit the power brokers.

Now Bami, go and have a talk with Ieshuh and let her give you some effective tips on how to shut them down.