Social Commentary: Whips & Chains – Subjugation via whips

By guest blogger Folk from BFDS

Whips have a long history that is botched in blood and enslavement. Used to subjugate animals and men alike. A weapon of metal intimidation and extreme agony and pain.

The one who stands over the subservient individual who has fallen prey to the pain inflicted by the whip feels a sense of ‘god-like’ power of emotional, mental, and physical control over the slave of the whip. A feeling that the weapon is an extension of the user. A feeling of power than corrupts for generations and to this day has controlled generations of weak minded individuals to fall and bow to the control of the whip.

The whip has evolved over the generations. For thousands of years the whip was simply a stiff handle with various forms of flexible protrusions. The type of protrusion defined the main purpose of the device. However, in modern society the whip has evolved into so much more. That handle has become a steering wheel. And that steering wheel is attached to an automobile.

Yes, Folk talking about the modern day whip. Initially the urban slang word for an expensive automobile, which has become the term for any automobile. And unlike like the whips of the past that subjugated generations of slaves the modern whip brings about a mental and psychological enslavement that the original whip could never achieve.

Modern share cropping wrapped in economic capitalistic enslavement cloaked in urban masculinity and false representation of social success.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars irresponsibly spent to alter the cosmetics of the exterior without thought or pause to consider the things on the inside. No concern of the stopping power of the brakes to taken the additional weight of 30″ wheels or 500lb stereo systems. As long as the whip looks good and when it crack’n, sounds good. Starting is an additional option that’s of last concern.

Yes, some takes this financial burden to consider the appearance of every last detail in the attempt to shroud the misery in the fantasy of ‘rolling art.’ Covering the bits and pieces with chrome and shiny things in an attempt to perfect the imperfect, to beautify the daily aging, or to bring a semblance of immortality to the dying. Amazing how the living attempt to cover their sins and flaws by self inflicted pain wrapped in capitalistic achievement.

It’s an American institution to concern one’s self with appearance without concern for the health of the decaying soul that lays beneath the surface of the shinny bits, be it golden teeth, diamond rings, brilliant ear rings, fancy clothing, silicone enhanced breasts or lips, or within the comfort a nice whip sitting on 26″ rented wheels, while living in public substandard housing.

So how can we rescue the current generation and stop the tide of domination under the oppression of the whip? Simple. Raise male children to be men that finds their value within and not in the metal of a car that rusts and decay quickly with time.

A great challenge in a society that prides itself on capitalism, which by defaults requires that a majority of its citizens are addicted to the false ‘hope’ that these ‘things’ can bring happiness and success while entrapping them in the financial chains of debt bringing about pain under the control of a larger whip.

Folk is tired of seeing people controlled and dominated by modern day whips… Besides, it’s hard to swim when whips are preventing one from getting in the water. That’s real talk people.