Slave Catcher Of The Week: Whoopi Goldberg Defending Mel Gibson’s Racism

Ok y’all, so I realize I haven’t done one of these posts in a while – what can I say, Negroes have been on their best behavior. I also know that I have yet to personally weigh in on the subject that is Mel Gibson and his racist rant – I keep getting emails from people asking me to give my take on it, but up until now I’ve refused.

I mean it’s Mel Gibson; that fool ain’t been right ever since The Passion of the Christ! I expect turds to fall out of his mouth at any given time. But today, I can no longer be silent. Nope, just when I thought black people have been on their best behavior, in comes Whoopi Goldberg to completely fuck everything up for us:

OK, so by now you know the story and how recorded conversations between Mel Gibson are being leaked all over the internet. Yes, and I’m sure you know that according to Mel Gibson, niggers run around in packs raping women. Yeah, it doesn’t matter that 52% of imprisoned rapists happens to be white; blacks get away with it I suppose.

My question to Whoopi, I mean, since she’s a friend of Mel and all, and he’s obviously not racist, is just how many niggers does a pack actually make? I mean does a pack of niggers constitute a group of three or more? I mean what exactly is the cut off? Better yet, just how many women do they rape daily?

I mean inquiring minds would like to know… because I’m sure her and Mel discussed this sort of thing at her house. I mean I’m curious because, well, this isn’t the first time she has felt the need to be a Negro apologist. She defended Ted Danson’s blackface schtick at the Friars Club remember that?

Hell, Ted Danson was so much of a friend that she was sleeping with him. Then recently, she donned her slave-catching net once again by defending child rapist Roman Polanski; you know, the guy who  left the country to duck charges for child rape only to be caught recently somewhere in Europe. Yeah, she said, “it wasn’t rape-rape.”

So yeah, maybe I’m wrong about Whoopi especially when it comes to her defense of Mel Gibson. Yep, maybe Mel Gibson isn’t racist because Whoopi doesn’t have to worry about being raped by a pack of niggers because she looks like a man. Surely if she dressed like Mel’s ex, she would have a problem, right?

Yep, maybe Mel’s just a nice guy and we’re all wrong about him; maybe he’s not a raging drunk misogynist woman beater. Shit maybe the people I personally know who were friends of mine sitting in prison for drug trafficking aren’t really drug dealers. I dunno, but this shit is too much to think about as hot as it is out here.

There’s no way Mel is racist; hell, if Whoopi can make a conscious (and successful) effort to remove the word “nigger” from her act as she has. Surely she would know who is and isn’t racist when they use the word, right?

NOTE: My sincere apologies to the ugly man-like looking women for this one.