Post-Racial Update: Rudy Eugene, the Maryland Cannibal, & the Detroit Kool-Aid Shootout

I’m so disappointed with the black community this week. First off, I can’t believe that none of you are protesting the police shooting death last weekend of  the naked face-eating black man down in Miami. OK, so maybe some of you have yet to get over the shock of him being black  — I know, it’s like the DC Sniper all over again. Let’s be honest, what he did wasn’t the normal type of black crime. Sure we might buss a fool in the head with a 40oz bottle, but eat a white man’s face off? Yeah, that ain’t our thing; it’s nothing like the stuff black folks do.

Listen to what his mother says:

Rudy Eugene: Naked Face-Eating Man Shot By Miami Police

But that aside, I figured black folk would be raising all kinds of hell and protesting in Miami by now; I mean, now that we know it was a brotha shot and killed by the police. OK, so he was eating another man’s face while growling like a wild animal; not normal, I get that. But damn, he was naked and unarmed. Hell, I know he wasn’t wearing a hoodie or nothing, but did they really have to shoot him? I’m only asking because you know how that hoodie thing plays out in Florida. But yet ain’t nobody marching or nothing, so I guess it doesn’t matter; yep, maybe he should’ve had Skittles.

To hear his friends tell it, he never used hard drugs:

Speaking of which, remember when we were all fired up about Trayvon Martin? Remember how we were all debating about how racist George Zimmerman and those “stand your ground” laws are? Yeah, and how it was yet another tool of an already racially biased criminal justice system hell bent on arbitrarily running up in the asses of black folk? Well, forget about those “stand your ground” laws, y’all; because, when black folks are shooting at each other after arguing over Kool-Aid like two fools did in Detroit, I’d say we have bigger problems than white folks trying to kill us.

I mean seriously, is this what’s hot out in the streets?

No really, is this where we’re at now as a people? Shooting at each other over who can make the best Kool-Aid?  You know, I was down with the whole “hope and change” thing back in 2008. But I’d be damned if Barack ain’t changed shit; yes, my people are still acting like fools. But RiPPa, did you really think Obama was gon’ change all forms of niggerdom and fuckery in the black community? Honestly, I didn’t; I just thought my cousins n’em would have a sense of pride about themselves — especially since white folks are watching — and act like they got some damn sense. You know, act like they’re all full of hope like I did back in ’09 at the inauguration. But naw, “mu’fuckas wanna show how hard they is,” I suppose. Shit, how we ‘posed to fight the power after some shit like this?

C’mon y’all, Harriet Tubman didn’t take a front seat on the bus for this type of foolishness:

JOPPA, Md. — A Maryland college student has admitted murdering and dismembering a man and then eating his heart and part of his brain, police said Thursday.

Kenyan-born Alexander Kinyua, who has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Nigerian national Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, allegedly carried out the gruesome deed after ranting online about human sacrifices and death cults.

The 37-year-old victim had been living at the Kinyua family home in Joppa, Md., for the past six months, the Baltimore Sun reported.

His severed head and hands were found in the home and more of his remains were dumped in a trash container outside a church, police said.

Kinyua, 21, allegedly confessed to killing Agyei-Kodie with a knife then eating his heart and portions of his brain. 

Alexander Kinyua (L), has confessed to killing his roomate, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie (R), and eating his heart and part of his brain.

Harford County Sheriff Jesse Bane said the crime was among the most brutal and bizarre he had seen in his 40 years with the force — and he had never come across a case of cannibalism.

“I’ve not encountered that in this county, and I hope we never encounter it again,” Bane said.

Kinyua’s father, Antony, reported Agyei-Kodie missing last Friday after going for a jog.

Then Tuesday night, Antony called police to say his other son, Jarrod, had found a human head and two human hands inside metal tins under a blanket in the laundry room, according to charging documents.

Kinyua told his father they were instead animal remains but when interviewed by police he allegedly admitted to killing Agyei-Kodie.

Kinyua faced a court Thursday via live video feed from Harford County Detention Center. The judge ruled he be held without bail.

Kinyua is a third-year electrical engineering major at Morgan State University and fellow students said his behavior had become increasingly troubled in recent months, the Baltimore Sun reported.

He was charged with first-degree assault and reckless endangerment for allegedly fracturing the skull of a classmate with a baseball bat on May 20, in what police described as a random attack.

Kinyua, who was born in Kenya but has lived in Maryland with his family for the past nine years, had also began making threatening online posts, including recent Facebook messages about “mass human sacrifices.”

I don’t know what’s really going on in Black America; and, it’s a damn shame I can’t even blame it on crack. I don’t know, but black folks eating  other people here in America, sounds a little bit like Negroes taking this post-racial thing too seriously. Sure we might be all “equal” now, but does that mean we gotta do what “other people” do? I tell you one thing that hasn’t changed, cannibal or not, police will still buss a cap in a nigga’s ass. I know assimilation can be a bitch; but, being post-racial doesn’t give black folks creative license to start eating people and having shootouts over Kool-Aid.