Pastor James David Manning: “Sarah Palin is a Hardcore Closet Racist” [VIDEO]

I don’t know what type of Jedi Mind Trick, Pastor David Manning is pulling. But I’m really at a loss for words that my favorite slave catcher has been this forthcoming with his feelings on Sarah Palin. A hardcore closet racist? Sarah Palin? This from the most slave catching-est slave catcher in America? Really??

OK, so now he says all of this after the GOP/Tea Party has been victorious in last weeks elections? Lemme guess, someone over at “Massa Charlie Inc.” has informed him that his services will no longer be needed; yeah, I’m sensing that his last check bounced, and well, obviously, he’s just a tad bit upset… and black again?

Sorry Pastor Manning, don’t be mad ‘cuz Sarah Palin dissed you over the heat you got making Ann Coulter’s tweet a “favorite” of yours on Twitter [click to read tweet and see pic]. A tweet that included a TwitPic of a sign outside of Pastor Manning’s church that said: “The blood of Jesus against Obama History made 4 Nov 2008 a Taliban Muslim illegally elected President USA: Hussein.”

I gotta give it to him, he brought the pain as he skillfully intertwined his usual bullshit; what, can’t expect him to change spots overnight; once a slave catcher always a slave catcher. However, what he said about Palin was spot on, as far as her obvious support of racism, and her refusal to acknowledge even her black shadow… or Pastor Manning and his Church of Slave Catchers in Christ.

So yeah Sarah, Manning is right; you are a closet racist… oops, a hardcore closet racist. And I’m willing to bet that had she not been put on blast, she would have kept that tweet in her favorites. And as per usual, she would not be forced to blame the media anyone for her “mistake” as she’s known to do oh so often.

(H/T We Are Respectable Negroes)