“Occupy the Department of Justice”: Trayvon Martin, Mumia Abu Jamal, & Mass Incarceration

Remember the silly talk last year that suggested that the Occupy Movement was racist? Well, it’s spring again; and, though the revival of tent cities has been slow. Check out the following video to see what occupy activists of color engaged in this past week. Given the recent rise in interest to the cries of justice for Trayvon Martin. In my opinion, this weeks act could not come at a more opportune time. My hope is that recent efforts for “justice,” as expressed throughout social media and elsewhere continues, or dies a very slow death.  It may seem pointless, but it is very necessary.

This via The Real News Network:

We are here to say that incarceration has nothing to do with solving the problems of American society it has everything to do with putting people in their place repressing people and it’s time for this to end, we want jobs, education, health care, we do not want jails…right now the United States represents 5 percent of the world’s population but we incarcerate 25 percent of the world’s prisoners, this in a nation that’s obsessed with the idea of freedom, the question is why, why do we incarcerate so many people than other places in the world, we clearly don’t have the answers so we are here to say we have to stand up for people like Mumia Abu Jamal. – JOHANNA FERNANDEZ, PROFESSOR OF HISTORY, BARUCH COLLEGE, CUNY

It is imperative that we continue to bare witness to the many injustices suffered particular by people of color and poor people in general, all across these United States of America – a country where as you know, said people are over-represented within the criminal justice system, by no accident.

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