Memorial in Tucson: Oh, So “Civility” Seems to Be the “Bootleg T-Shirt of the Month”

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama at Memorial 

 I didn’t get to see President Obama’s speech in Tuscon last night. I had a lot of “stuff” going on and I completely forgot about the memorial. From what I heard he gave a great one that was deeply moving and inspirational; maybe youse people will now behave yourselves, tone down the “rhetoric”, and stop killing each other. Oh yeah, the jury is still out on you black people and the whole killing each other thing, but I digress…. or is it digest or digestive tract.

So anyway, did you catch his speech? What did you think about it? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on it. More specifically, I’d love to hear whether you think what Obama said will have a positive impact on our political discourse in America or not. You know, gotta keep that “hopey-changey” thing alive as Jesse Jackson would say. What, you think I’m just some Ole hater-ass-hater?

OK, but seriously, I’ve read and heard much from everyone everywhere with an opinion on the Tuscon slaughter. Hell, even Sarah Palin came out of a hole like Punxutawney Phil with her innocent “blood libel” talk, and has pissed quite a few of you off. Hell my man AverageBro never curses in blogs, but he called her a bitch after seeing her speech. I say y’all should give Sister Sarah some credit for her professionally done Facebook video, because it only took her four days to learn how to read a teleprompter instead of her palm.

Overall, though much has been said, whether it be for political expediency or not, the following commentary from my man Paul Jay of The Real News Network is spot on. I really think you should take a few minutes to view the following, as it covers and delivers much more than your daily corporate sponsored political talking head can or will deliver. The way I see it, the conversation is beyond just “political rhetoric”; but instead, class warfare.