Dr. Cornel West Got Arrested, Yet We Still Sleep

“I’m in trouble need bail money, shit!

— Cam’ron (Ft. Juelz Santana), “Oh Boy”

I don’t know about you, but I have received a few calls from jail in my time. A few of them were calls placed within a few minutes of being booked. Of course these were calls from friends and not strangers, so I would do my best to help however I could. I mean, these were people who pretty much knew my, “don’t ever call me if you get locked up doing duimb shit,” rule. So, if they ever called, well, me being the big homie and Godfather of the crew, I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out a hand. Please believe: you do some dumb shit, I’m the last person you wanna waste your obligatory one phone call on. No for real: I can’t do nuthin’ for ya’, man; ya’ boy RiPPa got problems of his own.

Now, if you’re like my man Dr. Cornel West getting arrested for an act of civil disobedience like he did yesterday? Oh yeah, you can call me anytime; hell, even if it’s 3am I got you! You may have to wait until after 9am after I wake up to come get your ass after the bank opens, and I’m able to get that bail money. But, at least you know I got your back. No seriously, if I ruled the world, I’d post bail for everybody arrested protesting peacefully inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement. No joke, I really admire white folks who are passionate about chaining themselves to trees and shit people who in the interest of freedom, justice, and equality are willing to be arrested for their cause.

Dr. Cornel West & Eddie Blue-Eyes At Occupy Wall Street

Sure you might say Dr. West is full of shit, and was an opportunist. Yes I realize the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in D.C. was dedicated yesterday. And yes, I know it’s easy to say that he sought to create the facade that of social martyrdom. However, just think where Black folks and America would be if a certain ‘lil old Black lady chose to sit at the back of a bus as she was supposed to. And sure, it’s easy to say that West is a pretty financially stable Black man so his act was symbolic.

In that regard, you might be correct; but, any Black person — especially a Black male — willing to suffer the consequence of said action should be commended. Hell, many of us are thrown in jail for not only doing dumb shit, but also for simply being born Black! Having said that, I wish more “Niggers” weren’t afraid of revolution, as The Last Poets so eloquently, and poignantly stated back in the day. Truthfully, more of “us” should get involved and exercise the moral courage so many who came before “us” were willing to do. After all, it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.

Free ‘Lil Boosie! Free Wacka Flocka!! Free Gucci Mane!!