Donald Trump, The “F-Bomb”, & The Idiots Who Cheered

Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is a major douche. Yes, we know he’s full of shit, and yes we know the only people buying his crap are the mindless idiot fans of the Republican party; yep, because the real Republicans don’t like his ass. But be that as it may, you gotta give him credit for staying in the limelight. He’s a master showman and salesman, and to be honest, he’s yet to meet a television camera he didn’t like. That said, his latest Vegas stunt is more of the same, hot-air garbage we’ve come to know him for: very short on substance.

You see, Trump is now playing the tough guy role. He knows America loves the tough guiy president. Guys who bow down on foreign soil to foreign dignitaries and heads of states? nah, America ain’t into that so much. Of course lacking any real substance as far as policy, what does he do? He appeals to pretty much any and everybody feeling it at the gaspump with this tough talk. Listen to how they cheered for him; they bought it. Sadly, even Trump knows this is not how the oil industry works. The people on the other hand? Well, let’s just say he’s playing them like puppets on a string with his tough talk.

You see, if Trump was as tough as the image he’s trying to convey right now. Trump would not have dodged the Vietnam war by using deferments like he did. Instead, he would have been there serving the country which all of a sudden he’s in love with. But nope, like many a privileged coward, unlike the many draftees who went to war, Trump played sick and sat his ass at home and pretended to be in college. But now all of a sudden he’s the guy to run up on OPEC like he’s thugged out like that, when he wouldn’t burst a grape.

You wanna know the truth? Trump is a media whore; this is how he makes his money; yep, real estate ain’t hittin’ on shit right now. He also knows that Friday is traditionally a slow news day. Yep, most stories are dumped on a Friday so as to avoid any traction. But Trump knew this, and he also knew the biggest story of the day was the Royal Wedding. So, being the attention whore that he is, he threw this tough guy talk all in attempt to steal the Royal Wedding’s shine.

Yep, this is what the media will be talking about all weekend. But somehow, like Trump, they won’t tell you no president has any power to influence the price of oil directly as far as OPEC is concerned. This is pure politics, and nothing more, folks. But hey, maybe he’s right. Maybe if a Black man were to get gansgta (like they expect him to because he’s Black) on Opec, maybe gas prices will go down. After all, as gully as George Bush was, not even he could get it done when he was the man. But Trump knows this; and, he’s counting on you being an idiot to buy the horseshit he’s selling like the idiots who cheered.