Can Anyone Give Me a Ride to DC this weekend??

by Joanna (JuJuBe)

I REALLY want to go to the rally Glen Beck is holding on the 28th. I really, truly, I want to witness this historic event. I want to stand amongst the fine examples of American patriotism who will be on hand this weekend to disrespect the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. “Restore Honor” to America. I want to buy some of the patriotic merchandise that I am sure the rally attendees will be hawking. Something with an American flag prominently displayed.

And I want to burn it. Even Glen Beck himself believes it is my right to do it. But how many of his rabid fans would want to see ME burn for doing it??

I would love to see the reaction on the faces of the ignorant masses attending this event, the drooling populace who Beck spoon feeds with his own special brand of hatred. These good, “Christian”, “patriotic” Americans who believe that the US is REALLY the “Home of the Free”.

Am I “Un-American”? Hell yes, I am, and proudly so. Until the American people come to their senses and recognize this country’s role in supporting violence and oppression all over the world, I will not be ashamed to call myself “Un-American”.

I will not salute the flag or sing the “Star Spangled Banner”. I will not participate in that special brand of “patriotism” that believes in American exceptionalism. I will not applaud the actions of Americans here and abroad that are designed to oppress others.

I will not show pride in a nation that believes that it is our inherent right AND duty to police the world. I will not encourage loyalty to a government that believes in “democracy” only when the results of “democratic” activities fall within a certain VERY NARROW “acceptable” range.

A notorious racist thug is holding a rally to “restore honor” to the nation by moving it even further to the right than it already is. On the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I have a dream” speech. I am sure EVERY speaker will attempt to hijack MLK Jr.’s message and contort it to fit their racist, xenophobic, imperialistic agenda. This is so not acceptable.

I wish I could be there. Only to tell the attendees of this rally what monsters I truly believe they are.

Note: For those who are interested Al Sharpton and the National Action Network will be hosting a counter demonstration to “Reclaim the Dream” on August 28 as well.