Alveda King is Not the Member of the King Family We Need to Hear From Today

So while folks on the left are either bitching about Glenn Beck’s re-enactment of the Klan marches on Washington DC circa the “honorable days” of America; or celebrating the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historical and now watered down “Dream Speech”. Allow me to present to you the King that America needs to hear from right about now.

Sorry Alveda King; yes you are MLK’s niece. However, America isn’t in need of hearing from a buck-dancing house negro in concert with Glenn Beck and company today. Your uncle was a man of principle, who with good conscience acted in the interest of progress.
“I’m speaking at the Glenn Beck rally because Glenn and I have had many conversations about faith, hope and love…Glenn asked me about the philosophy and the strength to love that my uncle Martin had. I’ve been sharing that with Glenn and I’m hearing and seeing Glenn embrace those principles. Where those principles are bound, and they’re not just rooted in the American Dream, but in the faith of our Father.” – Alveda King (source)

Sure she has the right to her religious beliefs and convictions. But to lend herself to an effort which co-opts the very social and true moral principles in the interest of justice that her uncle stood for, is beyond me.

But then again, it shouldn’t be a surprise, considering that most religious conservatives (especially the black ones) treat the constitution as they do the bible; they love to talk about it, but forget what’s in it. Which makes perfect sense if you’re willing to speak at a “Beck Inc.” sponsored event where you share the stage with Sarah Palin.

And then there’s this from
In 1994, she released a letter condemning Coretta Scott King’s support for abortion and gay rights, saying it would bring ‘curses on your house and your people … cursing, vexation, rebuke in all that you put your hand to, sickness will come to you and your house, your bloodline will be cut off.’

“[…] Lynn Cothren, Coretta Scott King’s openly gay special assistant for 23 years, recalls Alveda’s vocal opposition to a hospice for AIDS patients in her neighborhood. Once, says Cothren, Alveda brought religious tracts to the King Center and encouraged him to repent.

“‘Mrs. King dealt with it,” said Cothren, ‘and she didn’t pass out any more tracts.’”Hear that AIDS infested black community? Repent!! And this coming from a woman willing to stand on the stage with Glenn Beck, on not only the anniversary of the “Dream Speech”, but also: the anniversary of the murder of Emmett Till, the death of W.E.B. DuBois, and the fifth year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. All in an effort to assist in turning back the hands of time to an America that was much more honorable.

So, considering that the working poor are all but two heartbeats away from life support in the Doldrums that is the U.S. economy. Given that we’re still engaged in two military conflicts overseas. I instead of highlighting the “Dream Speech”, I feel it appropriate to highlight his message on the war in Vietnam. A war which up until now, went down in history as America’s longest military conflict. Which ironically, is similar in many ways to the war in Afghanistan. A war which I’m sure he would be opposed to, as he was the war in Vietnam.