Deputy Sheriff Caught in Blackface Posing Like a Slave Picking Cotton

A Georgia sheriff deputy has come under fire for posing for a photo while in blackface at a Halloween party. Unlike other Halloween racists discussed on this site before, the sheriff in question took his act of racism a bit further. In a photo that has since been shared on social media over a thousand times, the deputy can be seen in blackface, pretending to be a slave dressed in prison attire, while picking cotton.

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. — Our sister station, First Coast News in Jacksonville, Fla., broke this story around 3 p.m. Tuesday from a news tip they received.

There are strong reactions from the community today after FCN discovered this photo of a Camden County Sheriff’s Deputy, allegedly in blackface at a Halloween party.

In the photo, the man can be seen with black paint covering his face and arms, wearing a jail uniform. People at the party told First Coast News the deputy said he was a Camden County inmate, and he was picking cotton.

In a phone conversation with First Coast News, a spokesman for the Sheriff told us the costume was, “unacceptable,” but would not comment further. (source)


I don’t really have much to say about this one — some white folks are racist and we’ve said enough already. However, I would say that with this fine upstanding citizen being a sheriff deputy entrusted with the task of serving and protecting residents of the county within which he resides. If this is his idea of a joke, how then can he ever be trusted to unbiased when he encounters black folks, as well as other people of color while on patrol?

Oh well, the racist deputy sheriff was suspended today for his actions, so all is well. Not that this means anything, but I recently wrote about Lamar Roberson, a black man, who was shot and killed by law enforcement after his family dialed 911 for medical help after he slipped into diabetic shock. Well, as racism, south Georgia, and fate would have it, it turns out that the man killed happens to live in the jurisdiction patrolled by “Deputy Sheriff Jim Crow Jr.” aka Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor. Yeah, how about that for some irony, right?

sheriff-blackface-halloweenWAYCROSS, Ga. – In a packed room, filled with more than a dozen community members, Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctorcommented on the pictures recently released showing one of his deputies in blackface.

“Today, we are here because of someone’s inappropriate, insensitive actions. Extremely insensitive, is what it is. I do not believe Chad Palmer is a racist. I have had to take action,” said Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor.

Camden County Deputy Chad Palmer allegedly wore a costume to a Halloween party and told others he was dressed as a “Camden County inmate.” The pictures shows Palmer dressed in a Camden County jail uniform with his skin painted black.

Palmer has been suspended without pay and has been placed on probation with the CCSO for one year. Palmer, as well as the entire team of deputies, will be required to go through sensitivity training which will begin Monday, according to Proctor.

“There’s been a lot of thought, a lot of prayer in to this decision,” Proctor said to the crowd that included representatives from local churches and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Chief Proctor said Palmer will remain suspended until Proctor deems it’s ok for Palmer to come back to work. (source)

“I thought about firing him but decided against it,” Proctor stated.

Watch the video below: