The Alamo Heights Basketball “U-S-A” Chant: So, Patriotism is the New Racism in San Antonio?

One thing about racism, is the way that it doesn’t discriminate; yep, racism even hangs out at basketball games. It seems that my man racism got tired of all the “white men can’t jump,” jokes and decided to show up down in San Antonio, Texas last Saturday. From what I’m hearing, an all-white Alamo Heights squad went up against a predominantly Latino team from Edison High School; um, who knew Latinos played basketball?

Well, as luck would have it, the white boys won. Quite naturally, this being a historically monumental occasion as it were, at the end of the game fans of  Alamo Heights started chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!” Now, if the team they defeated were from Mexico, this would have been understandable. However, with Edison High being from San Antonio themselves, those chants came off a tad bit racially offensive. Now, I don’t know how they do things down in Texas – maybe they take that whole “remember the Alamo,” thing pretty seriously; maybe it wasn’t meant to be racial.

At any rate, Edison High wasn’t pleased and Alamo Heightrs have since apologized. I wish this were the end of the story, with a teachable moment avoided; but of course, certain people are having a problem with the team being “forced” to apologize. Yep, certain people see this as an act of patriotism and nothing racially offensive. Of course, this is the kind of thinking we can expect from idiots like Eric Bolling and company over at Fox News. As I see it, this is why racism will never die; yes, when ignorance enables ignorance everybody loses.

This is what the school district superintendent had to say:

SAISD has received a number of responses related to the incident last weekend at the Edison- Alamo Heights basketball game, both critical and in support.  We very much appreciate the response from Alamo Heights High School – their coach and one of their administrators quickly put a stop to chants from some of their students after the game.

Some question why a chant of “USA” is wrong. It is not wrong in the appropriate context. Often it is heard at international events in support of our country versus another.  If this chant was commonplace – chanted regularly at games with other high schools – it would not be an issue. In this case, it was targeted at a school that is predominantly Hispanic. 

Unfortunately, this is not the first time we have had this experience. A similar incident occurred last year with one of our schools and another school district where their students chanted “USA USA” and “Arizona Arizona,” around the time that there was heated discussion about the immigration law in that state.   

That previous experience played a role in our decision to file an incident report with UIL.

“It is normal practice to file a report when issues occur during or after an athletic event. We have a responsibility to our students, parents and the SAISD community to follow up,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Sylvester Perez.

We have full respect for how the Alamo Heights school district has handled this incident. The issue has been addressed and both Districts have responded. SAISD does not want to exacerbate this issue. The Edison High School principal has announced to his students and staff that the school is moving forward, and looks toward building on the good relationship between the schools.

Check out how they managed to squeeze food stamps and entitlements into the conversation:

So you tell me: do you see the chants of “U0S-A, U-S-A,” at this particular game racially offensive? I mean, so what somebody may have gotten their feelings hurt; there’s nothing racist about the “other-ing” of a minority group by dominant culture, right? Besides, like Bolling said above, there’s a strong chance that the Latino kids who played in the game were “illegals.” As such, what’s the big deal about some kids being, well, kids? Heck, it’s not like they burned crosses or called them “wetbacks,” or any other racial pejorative. Yep, what’s wrong with some national pride? I swear, you minorities and your racial over-sensitivity kill me. What’s next, the national anthem is racist?