Martin Bashir vs. Apostle Claver: Embarrassing Black Republican Buffoonery On Display Gets “Attacked”

You gotta give it to the racial enablers of the Republican party. You know, Black Republicans like Herman “Liberals don’t like me because I’m Black” Cain, and now this self anointed Apostle Claver? I caught Martin  Bashir’s interview with the anointed one as it aired live yesterday. I must say, it wasn’t surprising to hear the “Godly One” stay on the well known and well documented hypocritical script. I was also not surprised to log on to Twitter last night, to find Claver and his stooges, play the victim card.

You know, sorta like us lefty-brainwashed-negroes do exclusively?

Check out this Fox headline:

MSNBC Attacks Black Texas Republican, Apostle Claver, for Calling Democrats “Racist” and “Party of the KKK”

According to them, Minstrel Claver was “attacked” by Martin Bashir. Having watched the exchange myself, I thought the claim of being “attacked” was ridiculous. But as I mentioned before, this is typical of those Neo-Negroes who identify with the Republican party. When presented with factual information that counters the turd riddled expressed thought, they then all of a sudden remember that they’re Black. Oh yeah, there’s no way that what they say is bullshit. Instead, bringing facts into a conversation or debate, is racist. Sorry pal, you were not attacked by Martin Bashir; instead, you were exposed as the fool  we know you to be. I don’t know about you, but being “brainwashed” is much better than being a fool in my opinion. Hell, at least I have my pride when it’s over.

Yep, I don’t have to worry about dancing a jig to gain approval from anyone.

Bashir had Claver on his show to seemingly confront him about his recent remarks. Bashir also debated Cain’s qualifications, including his foreign policy experience, with one of the candidate’s staunchest supporters.

“Mr. Bashir, thank you for the invitation,” Claver said. “I have made it to the big time – I am on MSDNC. I love it.”

Claver laughed but Bashir did not seem to enjoy the comment. “Yeah, thank you, it’s not actually that,” Bashir said of his network.

GOP Is The New Black?

Claver told Bashir that Herman Cain was “very much dangerous to the agenda of the left, that would like to see African Americans, conservative African Americans, Black republicans silenced and have no success at all in the political arena.” Bashir grew testy at times and told Claver that he would like to “bring him back to the point,” and called Cain “utterly unequipped.”

Claver laughed off Bashir’s criticism of Cain’s qualifications, which seemed to bother Bashir even more.

“What are you doing as a Christian minister stirring up racial conflict, posters that say the GOP is the new black, speeches where you use hateful talk about a Democratic plantation. What is any of this to do with your calling as a Christian minister?” Bashir asked.

Claver told Bashir that he was not a Biblical expert and said that sometimes, “the kingdom needs to be taken by force.”

This is just my opinion: Apostle Claver brought his righteous indignation (and ignorant factually devoid opinion) and made himself look like a fool. Sadly, right-wing minions won’t see it this way. Instead, they see this as yet another Black Republican being lambasted by the racist Liberal media. You know, a position initially taken by Herman Cain in the wake of his sexual harassment scandal? A position from which he has shifted, and is now blaming his fellow GOP competitors. So which one is it: is it the racist liberal media, or are you just an idiot? Hopefully you know the answer.

Listen to this Jackass as he’s exposed as  a hypocritical Christian wannabe preacher….