FBI Investigates Saudi Student Seen Walking With Pressure Cooker

So, did you hear the one about the Saudi student seen walking around with a pressure cooker? Yeah, word is that he couldn’t get flight lessons. Okay, I know that was wrong and that I’ll probably burn in the VIP room for racists in hell. I know, but I couldn’t resist. What can I say? Sometimes racism is funny. That is, when it’s a joke not being told by a white person and not a real life situation reflective of our obsession with race.

That said, I’m sure there’s at least one Saudi national who doesn’t find this particular joke to be funny. His name is, Talal al Rouki, and he was recently given the third degree by the FBI, after he was seen walking with a pressure cooker. Of course in our hyper-vigilant “see something-say something” post-Boston culture of awareness, it’s good to see this happening. Yes, it’s great to see that someone was paying attention.

This from Gawker:

FBI agents were called to the Michigan home of a Saudi student who was spotted walking around with a pressure cooker — only to learn that he was using it to bring food to his friend’s house.

Talal al Rouki told the Saudi daily Okaz he was visited by several FBI agents last Friday after a neighbor apparently called in to report his “bullet-colored” pressure cooker.

“They asked me about my major, when I arrived in the US and what I do in my spare time,” al Rouki is quoted as saying.

muslim-man_pressure-cooker_michiganHe then showed the agents his cooker, which he had just used to cook kabsa, a traditional Saudi dish consisting of rice, meat, and vegetables.

Satisfied, the agents withdrew, but not before one of them told al Rouki to “be more careful moving around with such things.”

Yep, apparently it’s hard out here for dark-skinned men and cooking utensils. Lord forbid that a person decides to deliver a pot of beans, stew, or whatever terrorists eat anymore. It would appear that our freedom has been compromised. And why? Because two white boys (yes, they were white) decided to perform a terrorist act in the city of Boston recently. I know one thing: This young man better be lucky he wasn’t tackled or shot by one those do-gooder patriots in Michigan.

Which is a good thing because ironically I haven’t heard of any Muslims catching a beatdown since the Boston bombing. But I guess the homie was lucky he pulled that stunt in Michigan. Hell, if he was in Florida, I’m sure George Zimmerman would’ve shot him and sprinkled Skittles all over him.