Slave Catcher Alert: Allen West Has a Weird Slavery Fetish, Likens Obama to a Slave Master

Why is Allen West so obsessed with slavery?

First, there was last week when he suggested that some people who support Obama would rather not own their own keep and instead would rather be his “slave,” and now he is comparing Social Security to slavery.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I think of Mr. West as a slave-catcher. In a world where he cannot rightfully locate and identify the actual slaves (the imprisoned and those buried under unrealistic student loan debt are the first and most obvious in my opinion), he must grab at ill-thought and apparently unexamined ideas and create them as slavery. Once he has swayed enough people with the age-old “say some shit and if ONE person repeats or believes it, then it is true” approach, he can set about his mission of “freeing” those “slaves” in a quest to make their overall situations better.

Except it doesn’t make anything better at all. Removal of person from SSI benefits – which I subscribe to the opinion that MOST of are legitimately in need of – would not be freeing anyone from anything. Instead of feeding (mostly) children and elderly folk, many bodies would be tossed out, told “good luck, kick some ass!” and left on their own to figure it out.

Now I never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am damned sure that slavery has NOTHING to do with receiving benefits that are usually quite necessary.

Now how does this make him a slave catcher? Well, on the surface and with the use of a little slick language, he has reversed the definition of it, almost to make it seem as if being a slave is a positive for the person being held down and a negative for the one bankrolling the operation. But no, slaves are not employees or dependent beneficiaries, they’re captive and uncompensated participants and would usually exit the system if given a chance to understand why they should want to. So now, with the roles properly reversed, he can take non-slaves and in turn CREATE NEW ONES, which by comparative definition makes him a slave catcher, taking those who have something – albeit it usually very little – and leaving them with nothing other than their apparently wasted efforts.

No, Allen West, Social Security is not a form of slavery. Nor is being among the working poor, elderly or otherwise underprivileged. True slavery comes in the form of having an even worse station in life than that, and to blame those people in an attempts to bring them closer to the actual definition of the word does not make you a “Harriet Tubman” as you champion yourself with your tastelessly applied metaphor, it simply makes you the 2012 version of these guys.