Neighbors Dispute Charles Ramsey’s Rescue Story

As I mentioned a few days ago, Charles Ramsey is that dude. His act of heroism is undeniable, and it doesn’t matter how much dirt from his past being dug up by the media. Why? Well, it’s not like he’s running for office or trying to court votes. Nope, Charles Ramsey isn’t out here running around kissing babies and telling lies like a politician. Instead, he’s simply just being himself. which for some of my Neo-Negro friends egregiously looks like he’s on some slave-catcher-shit, and straight up cooning in blackface. Which is tragic for the black community when you consider the premium we tend to put on “keeping it real” and being authentic. Let some tell it, it’s like Charles Ramsey represents everything wrong with blackness. Yes, the prototypical buck-dancing, uneducated minstrel of a black man in the media. I swear, internalized oppression got us fucked up.

To that point, Charles Ramsey isn’t on some mass media shit though I suspect that he doesn’t lack the necessary charisma to be. Instead, he’s representin’ by being as genuine as any ghetto superstar ever. Yes, think Old Dirty Bastard. That’s exactly who Charles Ramsey is to me. He’s a flawed man with a past like everyone I know who happens to be in the limelight. But in the case of Charles Ramsey, he’s in the spotlight for all the right reasons. But hey, as always, haters gotta hate and folks just won’t let my man Charles Ramsey be great. Now I’m hearing that somebody is disputing his story and trying to steal his shine.

This from ABC News:

charles-ramsey_dead-giveawayCharles Ramsey, the neighbor who said he helped free three women from a Cleveland house of horrors, told “Nightline” that another neighbor, Angel Cordero, got to Amanda Berry before him, then decided to walk away. But that is not how Cordero tells it.

“I helped her and I was first,” Cordero told ABC’s Cleveland affiliate WEWS-TV in Spanish.”Ramsey arrived after she was outside with the girl. But the truth who arrived there, who crossed the street, who came and broke the door, it was me.”

[…] Ramsey said he was sitting inside his home, eating McDonald’s, when he heard a piercing scream from the house next door.

“[A] scream that is etched in my head forever,” he said. “That sound stopped children from playing. Everybody looked at tha9*p in mind, the Dominican, as I’m saying this, runs back over there behind me. I look across the street and say, ‘She needs to get out of here.’ He says, ‘I’m not getting involved in that.'”

Watch the video below:

You know what? I believe Charles Ramsey. I know how easy it is to insert one’s self into a story. That said, I think Cordero has conveniently inserted himself as the true hero in an attempt to collect the $25,000 reward money for Amanda Berry’s return. Yep, Cordero is keeping it real and being the greedy person that he has clearly made himself out to be by disputing Charles Ramsey’s rescue story. Oh well, like the song says, “If they hate let ’em hate and watch the money pile up.” As real as Charles Ramsey seems to me, something tells me that he doesn’t care about the money.