Warren Sapp Pays $600 For Oral Sex – Career Change Coming Up

SO Warren Sapp is paying six bills for oral sex according to a police report released today. This report references the Super Bowl incident where he was arrested ostensibly for assaulting one of the “escorts” he paid for servicing  him

But investigators say Sapp reported giving each woman $300 in exchange for a sex act. The 23-year-old complied by giving him oral sex, which Sapp recorded on his cellphone and later showed police, while the 34-year-old hid in the bathroom and didn’t emerge until she heard the pair arguing, according to the report.

– Deadspin

In thereport its indicated that Warren Sapp and one of the ladies he solicited got into an argument because he refused to pay extra for actual intercourse after having paid for the oral which he also filmed on his smartphone.


Not going to address his stupid it stands on its own.

But damn $300 for a blow job? Really?

I mean damn I’ve been celibate for a minute but I may need to rethink that.

All due respect to a woman’s sexual agency and the reality of having to find a way to live with the job market stuck on stupid and  the rent being too dayum high what’s a girl to do?

warren-sappI mean you could cover your rent in a day or two and take the rest of the week off. Literally

Hell if you are one of those that “enjoys” giving oral is it even really work?

Put in an extra day and hire some bodyguards for security purposes.

Hell might actually be able to afford childcare.

Maybe a career change is in order

Or maybe my satire button is stuck.