New Jersey Cop Caught Sleeping On Patrol Now Loses Gun

So, you know that debate over gun control we’ve had lately, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? Yeah, the one where everybody is talking past each other and not making any sense at all, or hardly offering solutions to the problem of gun violence. Yep, that one. Well, given that we’re all concerned about the safety of kids in schools in “certain parts” of the nation. Do check out what happened in Trenton, New Jersey this week. Yeah, you read the headline right. Uh-huh, so how’s that for irony, right? Yep, it seems that Officer Sleepy McSleepy is back in hot water again. I suppose getting suspended for sleeping in his patrol car while on the clock wasn’t bad enough. Now, Officer Richard Takach has “misplaced” hid semi-automatic service-issued weapon. I don’t know about you, but at this point, this cop needs to be fired. But considering that he works in a state that allows blind people to own, have, and shoot guns… umm, don’t be surprised if he isn’t relieved of duty.

This from NBC10:

A New Jersey cop who was spotted sleeping in his patrol car last summer has now lost a loaded handgun, according to his lawyer.

Trenton Police Officer Richard Takach misplaced the Glock semi-automatic handgun in the city’s West Precinct parking lot around 3 a.m. on Monday, his attorney Stuart Alterman said.

“It’s not a sign of him being careless,” Alterman added. “It was an accident. Nobody intentionally loses a weapon. He was changing in and out of his duty uniform to his street clothes. He was transferring his weapon from his duty holster to an off-duty holster. And unfortunately he lost a weapon. He left it on the car or the truck. When he realized it was gone, he called, he drove back to Trenton, they looked for it, and he notified his superiors immediately.”

Takach, a 15-year veteran, remained on the job and was scheduled to report for duty Tuesday night.

Takach was suspended in July after a photo was posted online showing him asleep in his patrol car while in uniform.

Watch the video: