Marlon Brown: Cop Runs Over and Kills Black Man While Chasing, Fired but No Arrest

It’s been a little over a week since Johnathan Ferrell was gunned down and killed by a police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina while seeking their help after a serious car crash. Not much has developed in the case since then other than that it’s been rumored that Ferrell was partying and drinking and smoking weed with friends a few hours before the crash (I wonder what are the cops going to say about Marlon Brown?).

This is what police detectives are saying in the face of the NAACP’s demand to have charges against officer Kendricks upgraded to murder after viewing the dashcam video of the incident. Whether Ferrell was drunk and high — if only as a matter of fact which could explain the crash — isn’t justification for him being shot ten times by officer Kendricks. I haven’t seen the dashcam video, but for now, I’ll stick to the idea that his shooting was unjustified. Now if the video goes public and on it it’s clear as day that Ferrell went through a metamorphosis the likes of Dr. David Banner and turned green in a rage after being asked if he needed help. Then yes, I’ll say I was wrong.

Marlon Brown
Marlon Brown

Speaking of police wrongdoing and video evidence. I jut got wind of yet another story which involves the death of yet another black man at the hands of the police. Marlon Brown of Deland, Florida was ran over by a police cruiser that was in hot pursuit of him. Why were the police in pursuit? Well, it has nothing to do with him being on the terrorist watch list if that’s what you’re thinking. Instead, Brown became the subject of a police car chase because he was not wearing his seatbelts while operating a vehicle. Now why he decided to run from the police is irrelevant. I know somehow one of you will bring that up in the comment section below.

But just know that his reason or choice for running is of no importance. What is, however, is that the officer who ran him down — unlike officer Kendricks in Charlotte, North Carolina — has not been arrested. Yep, last week a grand jury decided against indicting officer James Harris on a criminal charge of vehicular manslaughter. As a result, in an attempt to seek justice Brown’s family has released the dashcam video of the incident.

Before I continue, I’d like you to stop and watch the following video. The video is from the dashcam of the police cruiser that ran over Brown. I must warn you, however, that the following video is very disturbing and not for the faint at heart. I would like you to watch it so as to be able to later make the determination as to whether the officer in question should be held accountable by the state of Florida for vehicular manslaughter.

Watch the video below:

In the event you didn’t watch the video above, what you missed were the final few seconds of Marlon Brown’s life. In the video you can see Harris’ police car following two other police cars as they drive down a residential street and then into a grassy lot. The two other police cars stop, but the Harris’ car continues to chase after Brown. Brown then stumbles and falls as Harris’ car approaches at a high speed. While on the ground, Brown turns and faces the chasing police car and within seconds, his face disappears under the hood of Harris’ police car.

Now, having watched the video several times I can’t conclude whether officer Harris’ actions were intentional. For all I know Brown being ran over could have very well been an accident. I mean, it’s not like Harris can be heard at any time before the impact saying, “Yeah, I’m going to hit this motherfucker!” I don’t know whether that exact thought crossed his mind as he barreled toward Brown. The thing is, however, it cannot be proven; nope, not even in a court of law. However, the fact that officer Harris was dismissed from his job as a police officer as a result of this incident tells me something. It tells me that somebody was of the opinion that Harris’ actions that night was out-of-bounds as to what’s expected of a police officer.

Listen to the attorney for the officer in question:

Marlon Brown's family demands justice
Marlon Brown’s family demands justice

In fact, in a prepared statement for CNN, DeLand Police Chief William Ridgway said: “The actions taken by Officer Harris that night are not consistent with our department’s training, directives, or accepted practices or techniques.” I don’t know about you, but just on that alone I believe Harris should be charged with a crime. Vehicular manslaughter sounds fair enough. In my opinion, proving murder per the Florida statute would be tough; and anyone who says I’m wrong clearly didn’t pay attention during the George Zimmerman trial — yes, I’m still right about that one too.

The city of DeLand has already paid the family $550,000 in a settlement but the city did not admit any wrongdoing, according to Krystal Brown. The family decided to go public with their story and the video in hopes of triggering public outrage that would result in pressure for officials to file criminal charges for Brown’s death.

“We’re just asking for justice, nothing extra,” Krystal Brown said, “nothing no one else would want for their family member. ”

State Attorney for Florida’s 7th judicial district R.J. Larizza decided to present the evidence to the grand jury instead of filing charges, which he could have done if he felt a crime had been committed.

Larizza stood by his decision at a news conference last week, following the grand jury’s decision not to return charges after two days of testimony.

“This has been a controversial situation and this has been a case that has been a challenge since the beginning,” Larizza said at the news conference.

“I wanted the most possible folks involved, people that were in the community, people that live here, people that care about this community to make the decision,” said Larizza, adding, “and I was confident and comfortable that they would do so.”

Krystal Brown said the family was “disappointed” and “felt let down by the criminal justice department” even before seeing the video, adding that they believe a vehicular manslaughter charge was appropriate.

“Just knowing what the charge entails, it doesn’t have to show intent — it only has to show reckless driving,” she said. (source)

In closing, I’d like to say that though the city has settled with the family of Brown for $550,000, no amount of money can make up for the justice that this family deserves. I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but the fact that the former police officer is allowed to walk the streets freely is a grave injustice. To me, it says that the life of a black man guilty of not wearing a seatbelt just isn’t worth the time and effort. What is surprising, however, is that members of the black community aren’t up in arms over the decision to not prosecute James Harris in criminal court. But hey, I guess we’ve become accustomed to this sort of thing in the United States of America and it just isn’t worth the fight anymore, yes?