Stop Effeminate Black Men (Pt. 1)

When I think of a man being effeminate, I think of a man being the total opposite of manly. Actually, I consider him taking on all those things that should be relegated to womanhood. Some of the more “soft” actions that are happening now should not be accepted. Yet, here we are (in the 21st century) discussing situations that would not get any type of acknowledgment a couple of decades ago. Nowadays, men being effeminate has become “a bad habit”.

I am not sure how everyone else feels. However when I see situations like these, I am taken back to my childhood of being a man. In my upbringing, I can tell you that there was NOTHING associated with being a female. So much of my life was practically male oriented. In turn, I can’t agree with a lot of Black Men’s actions because I just wasn’t raised to participate in such foolishness.

With all those bases covered, I have a special request for so many of our Black men in entertainment. My request is as follows: can these Black male entertainers stop wearing women’s clothes.


There, I said it.

Effeminate Black Men: The Explanation

I understand that there are those that made the effeminate approach into something bigger. Tyler Perry is one of those people. If it wasn’t for his play on Madea, Tyler would probably be still scrambling for change. Instead, he is a multimillion dollar entertainment king. So, there are those that have worn women’s clothes for the sake of “adding character” to characters.


Yet, we all know that Tyler Perry needs to let go of Madea before she popped out of that girdle and rolls herself into the sunset of self-love and loathing.

Effeminate Black Men: The Issue

The rest of you hapless Black men, though? There is no excuse for what you are doing. I don’t care if you call what you do “entertainment”. It comes a time when Black men have to be scolded for not upholding their end of the bargain. Still, doesn’t it become plenty difficult when men and women alike justify such gender confusing facts and situations?


And what type of true example are we setting for our Black future? How are they (“they” being the pronoun for “our children”) supposed to view models of manhood when you have men on Instagram wearing little girl’s clothes with Timberland boots? I find it difficult to understand the mentality behind anybody working to make men-looking-like-women (androgyny of sorts) acceptable. I can accept homosexuality for what it is. In the same breath, I can definitely respect men not wearing a tutu just to express their individuality in fashion.

effeminate black men 4

So no, you barnyard insecure Negroes: Wearing women’s clothing is not an exhibition of being an individual. That is the plainest example of how effeminization functions if there was ever one to truly behold.

Effeminate Black Men: Perspective

If we look closer, we can see that a lot of this has to do with the bigger society (meaning: White People). And no, I am not blaming them for our ills. What I am doing is point out that they have a direct effect on how Black men approach fashion trends. Nowadays, there are how-to articles expressing steps men should take to dress more feminine. Plus, with other articles actually making cross dressing acceptable, it is no wonder we have confused young men in our society.

effeminate black men 6

Or, we can also give a nod to Kanye with his everlasting shitty fashion sense. No wonder you saw him on Sway whining about not being able to crack into fashion like he wants to.

effeminate black men 3

To sum it all up, I would like all of our Black men in entertainment to stop dressing like the opposite sex. Leave the meggings alone. Stop wearing the wigs and make up. Stop trying to find ways to wear more and more feminine outfits. Let the women dress like women. It would be best for our society to let the men dress like men.