Limbaugh: More Like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Than Obama?

So, Rush Limbaugh thinks he’s like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Rush Limbaugh is one funny white man. No seriously, folks; the sooner you accept him for the comedian that he is, like me, you too will refuse to take him seriously. After all, the only people who take anything he says as gospel are the idiots on the political right — you know, the typical right-wing nttjob who watches FOX News. As far as comedy goes, yesterday Limbaugh dropped one of his funniest lines ever.

While discussing the 50th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, Limbaugh said: “I had a friend of mine send me some excerpts of Martin Luther King’s speech fifty years ago, and there are four of them there. He says, you know, Rush, when I read what King said, I’m reminded more of things you say than things Obama says.” Oh, did I mention that the people who listen to his show and believe in him are idiots?

rush-limbaugh-whites-should-not-feel-guilty-about-slaveryYep, Limbaugh, the same guy who just a few weeks ago argued that he should be allowed to use the word “nigga,” and that slavery in America was “by no means was it anywhere near the worse.” As such, white folks have nothing to apologize for when it came to slavery. Yep, the same guy who said a few years ago that racism is in America is imagined. Now mind you, I don’t see Barack Obama in the same light as I do Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as many others do. But for Limbaugh to suggest that he’s more like Dr. King than Obama? Yeah, for a white freedom fighter, that Limbaugh guy is friggin’ hilarious. The folks over at Media Matters have put together some of Limbaugh’s greatest hits regarding race if you’d love to read them and laugh.

If Limbaugh keeps this up, I think he can give the Obama rodeo clown a run for his money.