Quentin Tarantino Uses N-Word At Golden Globe Awards Presser

I remember the good old days when the frequency of the word “nigger,” bring used in a movie or press conference was a barometer of racism? Yeah, I wonder what happened to those good old days. At any rate, those days are long gone. And, I suppose the fact that Quentin Tarantino dropping the n-word during a press conference after winning two Golden Globe Awards last night is just an example of how far we have come.

Yep, thank Django Unchained for that:

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel“If someone is out there actually saying that when it comes to the word nigger that the fact that I was using it in the more that it was used back in the antebellum south, in Mississippi 1858, then feel free to make that case,” Tarantino told reporters backstage shortly after his win. “But no one is actually making that case, so in other words what they’re actually saying is I should soften it, they’re saying i should lie , that I should whitewash, they’re saying I should massage and I never do that when it comes to my characters.”

Now of course, Tarintino’s use of the word as he did last night has already been met with negativity. Yep, as you can imagine, some of my cousins aren’t happy about this. Which is pretty ironic considering how m,any of them reacted to talks of removing the word from Huckleberry Finn from public school curriculum a few years ago. But don’t be surprised to see someone say enough is enough and start a petition to have the n-word removed from dictionaries. And why? Because we’re post-racial;and, we’re also hypocritical as well.

Watch the video: