Lebron James is the King of Trolls

Lebron James helped make history on June 19, 2016, by winning an NBA Championship. For one, he was the first player to lead BOTH teams in all major statistical categories. Second, he assisted Cleveland in becoming the first team to come back from being down 3-1 to win the series. And then there is the championship drought that he helped end. With all that is given, Lebron James did it for the history books.

But, those history books may not point out that Lebron James may be the New NBA King of Petty.

lebron-james-ultimate-warrior_1_650xLebron James vs The Haters

Yes, my good people: the same man that has been labeled “king of the court” can also be labeled “king of the trolls”. You see, Lebron James had the chance to walk out of his plane a champion. Yet, if anyone noticed his t-shirt and hat, they would eventually catch on to the messages. However, some let it pass off as coincidence. Still, you have to actually consider that Lebron James may have made a statement.

Lebron JamesLebron JamesLebron JamesLebron JamesLebron James

Rest assured, Bron Bron let it be known that he was talking to all of those that either hated or doubted. On his Instagram page yesterday (which I took the liberty to find a picture of), he went in with a nice little statement:

They said u lost a step, wasn’t explosive as once was, the best days was in the real [rear] view, questioned your drive, your leadership, your commitment, you don’t have killer instinct, going back home is the worst mistake in your career, he got the coach fired, players traded, won’t work between him and Kyrie, Him and Kev won’t work, love your teammates too much, there’s no way he can deliver a championship in his hometown, etc etc etc…..But guess what THAT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS #striveforgreatness #Thisone isfortheland #PutSomeRespeckOnMyName Hahahaha!!!! Yes sir

And with all of that, he had on an Ultimate Warrior tee shirt and a Kermit The Frog sipping tea hat. Yes, you saw it for yourselves. Lebron James just trolled the hell out of his haters.

And he had every reason to. People have either lambasted him in the media or burned his jerseys due to his decisions. He has earned degrading nicknames on top of rap diss tracks. He could have taken the high road from all of the madness. But, why take the high road when everyone else wanted to build a highway through your image so they can spit out the window?

Keep Trolling, King James

At the end of the day, Lebron James shot people the bird without even showing his hands. Instead, he did it by doing what they said he couldn’t: win a championship in Cleveland. Now, people will either continue hating this man or they will move on with their lives. I know that it isn’t that serious and there are more pressing issues in the world. Still, it is always great to recognize a man that perseveres and becomes a winner while many others thought less of him.

Troy Ave noted that “dick riding was never a form of transportation”. I agree. But you know what else isn’t either? Castration.