Why I Won’t Wear a Hoodie Reason #4,080: My Fear of Being Shot by Geraldo Rivera

On some real talk: this Trayvon Martin thing has become exhausting. No seriously, I’m at the point where it’s hard for me to even respond to all the stupid talk about the situation. If it isn’t the idiocy of Dr. Boyce Watkins and his article bashing president Obama for not calling Trayvon’s mom because unlike Sandra Fluke, she’s Black. It’s the tons of side-eye provoking comments all over social media. Yep, everybody is talking; and some of them have more stinking opinions than assholes.

Thankfully, there are more people “doing” instead of talking. Thankfully there are more people willing to attend rallies all across the country in the interest of demanding justice for the innocently killed 17-year-old by an over-zealous Officer Tackleberry do-gooder down in Sanford, Florida. Yes, there is so much energy being outpoured in support for his family that it’s almost contagious. Like I said, everybody is talking about Trayvon Martin. Some make more sense than others, but Geraldo Rivera isn’t one of them with the mental capacity to do so in a constructively congruent manner:

You know, I think Geraldo just saved my life. I was just sitting here thinking about being a “follower” in the interest of justice and joining the Million Hoodie March, but now I think I’ll forego such an undertaking. Hell, the last thing my family needs is for me to be shot dead by a suit and tie wearing Geraldo Rivera, or maybe even al-Queda. After all, there’s a war going on out there and it nothing to do with race, right? Shoot, everybody knows Oscar Grant was killed by a police officer concerned about the threat his choice in attire posed a threat to the community at large, right?

Hey, Geraldo: The Unabomber wore a Hoodie for Years and He Never Got Shot!

Listen, unlike Geraldo I’m not afraid of African American or Latino men wearing hoodies and baggy jeans. Truth be told, I’m more fearful of white men and women wearing black robes more than anything else. Shit, I could be wearing a friggin three piece suit and standing in front of a judge and it won’t make me less criminal, or even less of a threat to society. Hell, there are studies to prove just what I’m saying; so, that self-loathing, tight-buttcheek-holding, kneecap-licking, sellout called Geraldo Rivera can kiss my ass. He clearly has forgotten his color on this one; but hey, it happens and it won’t be the first or last time. So yeah, II’m not afraid of the Klan or anyone who chooses to wear those pointy headed white hoodies. Nope, we black folk have guns for that these days.

Yes Geraldo, we should arrest the hoodie…