Why Marcus Smart was Justified in his Reaction and his Suspension

Marcus Smart reacted the way many of us would have when we are pushed to the limit. Before I explain my position, let me get into the situation.

Things can become tumultuous when you are dealing with hecklers at sports games. Many people come to thosesporting events just to harass the players they cannot stand. Sometimes, the players can avoid the heckling trolls that pay their good money to enjoy the game. Other times, however, there shall be the guaranteed reaction. Either or, being in such situations can bring about the worst in any person.

Now, let us look at what happened to Marcus Smart. Imagine yourself in the middle of a basketball game in unfriendly territory. Your emotions are riding high. Your team is actually in a losing position (whether that should matter or not). You are helping your team where you can. So, things can be really emotionally volatile for you.

And then you have fans like Jeff Orr that makes everything difficult.

And then, the madness happens: a fan (**cough** Jeff Orr **cough**) becomes a little too overzealous and keeps saying things that he shouldn’t. Already in a state of infuriation, frustration, and pumping adrenaline, you get face to face with said crazy fan. Words and “pleasantries” are exchanged. You cross the line and push the fan. Now, you have gotten yourself in a pickle.

Marcus Smart
Marcus Smart

But ask yourself: were you wrong for what you did? The answer can be simply stated as “yes and no”.

You do have to remember that you crossed the line. As a player, you should never let a fan’s asinine actions get you too riled up. After all, this is a game that you play. You are there to compete, win, and go home. Even if you lose, you are there to compete, try to win, and go home. Everything else is unnecessary and practically irrelevant.

But then there is that other issue that many of us don’t want to mention: the actions of said Jeff Orr. Sometimes, as a fan, you have to keep certain things at a distance. If you talk crazy to a player, please don’t get up in arms about them reacting. Heckling is expected. Smack talk is expected. But you not doing it at a distance (in the heat of the moment) can always be a deadly situation.

There are some unresolved issues that come along with this incident. For one, Marcus Smart noted that Orr maderacial slurs. I can’t confirm or deny any of that (that is for Marcus Smart to do). I can tell that Orr did admit to calling him a “piece of crap”. Then again, Orr is a proposed “super fan”. Even after removing himself from the rest of the games, he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Part of me is just glad that it didn’t turn into a Ron Artest-in-the-middle-of-Detroit situation. Then again, no one threw a cup filled with “fill in the blank” at Marcus Smart, either.

This entire situation is all about having some discretion. Marcus Smart needed to keep his cool and realize that his last name should describe his behavior. Jeff Orr should watch his commentary in the heat of the moment. Both men were wrong. At least one is being punished. The other may/may not have learned his lesson about “watching his mouth”. Whatever the case may be, this is another bad situation that could have gotten worse.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!