Detroit Man Who Walked 21 Miles to Work Fears for His Life

Detroit Resident Walking 21 Miles to Work

James Robertson made the headlines a few weeks back when it was revealed the Detroiter was walking 21 miles to work because he had no transportation and could not afford to acquire any with what he made as a welder. People were touched by his story and a crowdsourced account was set up to help him.

You Get A Car

As a result he was gifted with a brand new Ford – loaded with everything and the GofundMe account to date has raised over $350,000.

Surrounded By Leeches

detroit-john-robertson_1_640xThis is where the troubles begin for Mr. Robertson. Not even granted a moment to enjoy the response and kindness of the many strangers that reached out to help him after hearing his story. The people CLOSEST to him wasted no time in holding their hands out and insisting, begging for funds when the man had not even so much as withdrawn any funds from the GoFundMe Account.  The collection of ghouls include his former landlord/girlfriend(bye Felicia), her adult son and her Ex Husband. Apparently they all felt entitled  to some of Mr. Robertson’s blessings for some unknown reason. This manifested in Mr. Robertson having to go to the police department and park his new car there for fear it would be stolen or vandalized. Reports also indicated that Mr. Robertson felt unsafe at the boarding room he had been living at for the past 15 years – run by the idiot ex girlfriend who with her brood of malcontents felt they all were entitled to a share of Mr. Robertson’s money.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Any female (intentional choice of words), that lays claim to this man’s blessing and earmarking it for her ADULT child and her EX husband deserves to be an EX everything.  For 15 years this man walked 21 miles ??? Every Day? You begrudge him this? Start allocating portions to your family ?  Tried to get money for YOUR EX husband ?

Really – there are females like this out here. Then wonder why relationships or trying to get into one can be so problematic.

There’s always an outcry when a man cheats or does something “wrong” but sounds of crickets or excuses when things like this happen and the woman is the protagonist.

No Excuses – Nope under the bus with her and take her cronies with her.

Yes I will throw her and her minions under the bus. They were not even married….she has a house….just I can’t. Now all she has IS the house and the two nimrods she tried to get a come up for with this man’s money.

Don’t it always seem to go – that you don’t know what you got till it’s GONE!