#Pointergate, White Racism and Black Stereotypes

Black people have been and probably always will be associated with criminality, thuggery and gangsterism. To this society, and possibly the entire world, we are a race who enjoys being born with thug and criminal genes.

Fox & Friends welcomed a fellow Fox News disciple Geraldo Rivera to chime in on former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s comment that, “America has made enormous steps in race relations, and it is the best place on Earth to be a minority…”

Rivera responded that the minority culture, which I suspect he means black and (or) brown people, “embraces the thug ethic; no belt, so your pants are down around your butt. Or, remember how much trouble I got in about the hoodies? The point is, if you want to embrace that failure, you will be a failure, and your children will be failures.”

We’ve heard this self-righteous bullshit a million times, and we will hear it a million more. In the popular imagination, minorities seem to want to be failures. We seem to want to be at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.  Does it make sense logically and morally? It doesn’t have to. It avoids the reality of institutional and systemic racism and blames the victims so that the mainstream can feel jolly, superior and remorseless, only to come out sounding like total douchebags.

PointerGateThen, there’s the story (known as #Pointergate) from ABC affiliate KSTP which demonstrates why the news cannot be trusted. The Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges posed in a picture with Navell Gordon, a former criminal who’s now a respected young volunteer for a charity known as Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. The latter bit of information about Novell’s involvement with charity and volunteerism apparently didn’t matter. The fact that he’s a convicted felon was more newsworthy than the fact that he’s not only turned his life around, but is helping to make a difference. But that was only part of the fuckery. The erroneous report also stated that the mayor and Novell–shown in the picture smiling and pointing towards one another – flashed gang signs. Hell, it’s even in the title of the report itself! It would be considered by many, as the most racist news story of 2014.

The problem is that, clearly, neither one of them were holding up any gang signs. It was a hand gesture that – as it turns out – she made posing with another, white gentleman. There was no uproar from the police department or the news when that happened. And whether we like it or not, color (and possibly a personal vendetta held by the Minneapolis police department) is what stoked racist fear, and could very well explain the double standard and reinforcement of racial stereotypes.

How did it get so bad that many thought the report was a satirical joke? Former and current cops were worried shitless that Mayor Hodges put herself and other officers at serious risk. Seriously!

Arguments will erupt, excusing stories like these from being anything but racist, when they, in fact, are. Shoddy Department of Justice stats will pour in from racist trolls attempting to be intellectually sound, explaining that blacks are, indeed, inherently criminal. Made-up and biased article snippets will illustrate black criminality against white people (despite the fact that 84% of white murder victims were killed white perpetrators). Supposed examples of ‘black thuggery’ will be highlighted or created to avoid the reality of racism.

In the end, it’s a pathological need to continue this anti-black campaign: black people must be seen as thugs and criminals in the public eye in order to make white people feel morally and intellectually superior. Even though blacks who commit crimes are a minority in this nation, racism puts black pathology in the spotlight and shoves it in our faces as supposed examples of “black culture”.

As a result, prisons are packed with more and more blacks arrested for nonviolent crimes. The media will search high and low for the minutiae to emphasize black criminality or, as with the case in Minneapolis, simply make it up. Police and homeowners, who hate and are scared to death of black folks, will shoot on sight with no remorse claiming the Stand Your Ground law, and will, in most cases, only get off with a slap on the wrist or the minimum punishment; black children, especially if they misbehave or fail tests, will continue to be treated like criminals by out of touch school administrators, and end up in jail or in graves more so than being achievers and assets to society. Black people will have a hard time finding employment due to the white racist fear. If you can’t see where I’m going with this, you are part of the problem.

When a black person commits a crime, it’s an indictment against the entire community. This association of blackness with criminality can be traced back to the 1800’s, a time that America wants to desperately whitewash. Those who continue to make that connection are no different than the overtly proud racists of history’s past. So, it’s useless to claim how ‘not racist’ you are when you think exactly the same way your ancestors did. 


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