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On Anniveraries: Obama The Winner vs. Bush The Loser

As we once again deal with scumbag Darrell Issa and his Benghazi obsessive compulsive disorder it’s worth taking a look at two anniversaries that are upon us. It was the 11th anniversary of “Mission Accomplished.” You remember when Bush, looking like a total idiot, walked off the aircraft carrier, and went on to tell a nation and the world that the fighting was over in Iraq. That an evil dictator, who had no connection whatsoever to 9/11, was gone and all was fine and dandy. Of course we know that was pure horseshit as thousands of U.S. Soldiers and tens of thousands of civilians were killed since May 1, 2003. To this day there continues to be bombings and killings in Iraq.

This didn’t stop Bush and company from a brazen P.R. move. It was a move that John Kerry, who is now dealing with Darrell Issa’s crap, should have used to his advantage in the Presidential election of 2004, he did not. What Bush did on that day was what a weak President with false confidence does, he beats his chest at nothing. It also showed an administration that was out of touch with reality, that stunt being no better than what the highly entertaining “Baghdad Bob” was doing during the U.S. invasion, pretending it wasn’t happening as tanks rolled by in the background.

That act alone should have been an impeachable offense, as the President once again lied to the American people after lying about the reasons for going into Iraq in the first place. Yes Bush lied and thousands died. No doubt. The shame.

On May 2, 2011, Osama Bin Laden, the person that WAS responsible for 9/11, was killed. While Bush was busy claiming false victories, Bin Laden was free to plan more 9/11 type attacks. For seven years Bush could not get him, finally saying that Bin Laden wasn’t that important anymore. That was his way of admitting defeat. He lost.

It was three years ago that Obama won. He got Bin Laden. It was an important goal of his administration from day one. To get the guy who killed over 3,000 Americans. So he put effort into something that Bush didn’t care about. When it came time for a very risky mission, a mission that would have had a guy like Issa investigating had it gone wrong, Obama showed true courage and readership and he gave the go order. Bin Laden was killed, and because of it the United States is truly safer. This is real, not PR spin.

obama-bush (1)We didn’t hear from guys like Issa during the Bush administration. We didn’t hear from him when Bush lied us into a needless war, causing the mass killings of U.S. soldiers and Iraqi citizens. We didn’t hear from him when Bush continued the lie 11 years ago. We didn’t hear from him during the eight embassy bombings during Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” era. Now, one terrible incident with four deaths and he won’t shut up. The hypocrisy is too obvious to even state.

I will have more on Issa soon, but I really want to take another moment to celebrate two important anniversaries in U.S. history. One that proves what a loser Bush was. A moment for the history books to show future generations what happens when we elect a weak President who is afraid to go after the real bad guy. And what a devastating effect it can have on a nation.

The other anniversary proves what a winner Obama is. A moment in history that will never be forgotten and will be talked about in history classes throughout time. The day a truly bad man was eliminated.

It’s what happens when the people elect a President with real character, who isn’t afraid to do the real “hard work” that the loser President often just spoke about.

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The New York Post, Racist “Journalism”, & Right Wing News

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I’m not a huge fan of mainstream news. There is certainly a cultural bias when it comes to their brand of journalism. But the latest example proves that there’s a slant so obvious that makes you wonder why anyone would refer to it as ‘news’. The DailyKos got wind of a gem

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Memo to Democrats: Stop Being Weak on Obamacare #ACA

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Forget the results in FL-13. It’s just too idiotic to even begin to lend any credibility to the fact that since a Republican won in heavily Republican district where no Democrat has won that Congressional seat in 58 years, this proves that the country is against Obamacare and that Democrats are

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Ukraine: Obama’s Latest Greatest Crisis

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The Ukraine is jumping off. Looks like Russia has invaded Crimea, apparently bent on resurrecting the old Soviet Union. Despite the NeoCons doing the happy dance at the possibility of some Cold War tension, World War III is not gonna happen. They will have to content themselves with throwing shade

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White Teacher To Black Student, “Sit Your Nappy-Headed Self Down,” Stdent Expelled From School

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I’m here with yet another quick post-racial update for you readers. Yep, I’m here once again to show just how much things have changed for the better here in America. As you know, and as I’ve shown time and time again, the election of America’s first black president almost

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George Zuimmerman’s Bond Revoked, But Why Did He Have Two Passports?

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So, George Zimmerman had his bond revoked by a Florida judge. I’m not sure if this is to be received as great news; however, I’m sure residents of Negronia are ecstatic. As for me, I’m pretty much pissed off. Not that I am a supporter of Zimmerman; nope, never that.Instead,

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Post-Racial Update: Rudy Eugene, the Maryland Cannibal, & the Detroit Kool-Aid Shootout

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I’m so disappointed with the black community this week. First off, I can’t believe that none of you are protesting the police shooting death last weekend of  the naked face-eating black man down in Miami. OK, so maybe some of you have yet to get over the shock of him being black

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Michelle Rodriguez: Black Actors must be “Trashy and Black” to get an Oscar

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When thinking down the line of Hollywood actresses of color who’ve made an indelible impact on current films, Michelle Rodriguez probably doesn’t register on anybody’s radar; at least not enough so, that she’d be recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. So when Vulture

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Voter Suppression: Uh-Oh, those Racist Florida Republicans are Purging Eligible Voters Again (UPDATE)

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Welp, it looks like those racist Republicans are at it again in the Sunshine State. You might not remember, but the last time they successfully targeted black voters for suppression by purging registered voters, we ended up with George W. Bush — yep, and we all know how that all worked

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Gay People DO Get Married: The Curious Case of the Beard – When “the Gays” Marry Straight People

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Looking through the current media available to the African American/Urban audience one could easily come to the conclusion that all Black women are heterosexual, church going, and desperate for marriage. On a recent article I addressed the impact of gender orientation, sexual identity and how it

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Pure F%@kery: St. Louis Man Arrested For “Car Jacking” Horse-Drawn Carriage, & Punching Horse

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There are just some things that cannot be explained, nor can be rationalized by the average thinking person. Like, why was there a naked man eating another man’s face down in Florida? Yeah, forget about him getting shot and killed by the police. The real question: why the fuck did he choose

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Same-Sex Marriage, the Mayan Calendar, & Obama the Antichrist ( Or, My Day as a Conservative)

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Maybe the Mayans were right and we are already living in the last days. Perhaps, they were a little off, though and the 12/21/2012 date is not the ABSOLUTE end, but instead the beginning of the end. Stay with me, here… Bored as usual, I decided to take a chance at being a Conservative for a

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Cory Booker Was Right About Private Equity Firms, But You Were Too Stupid To Understand

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It was revealed about a week ago by the New York Times, that Chicago Cubs owner John Ricketts, had a plan to spend up to $10 million in a negative ad campaign intended to smear Pres. Obama by reintroducing Rev. Jeremiah Wright. You know, Barack Obama’s radical preacher and the leader of the

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TSA, “the Illegals” and Why Mention of Project Mayhem Makes Me Giggle

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My local headlines were all a-fluffered about the recent discoveryof  Bimbo Olumuyiwa Oyewole (ohl-oo-moo-YEE’-wah oh-YEH’-woh-leh), an illegal immigrant from Nigeria who has been punching a clock at Newark International Airport for over two decades now. According the New York Times, the


Right-Wing Group Says: Minority Births “Not A Good Thing.”

May 18, 2012 • Politics, Uncategorized • Views: 541

So, for the first time in history, according to a Census Bureau report published by the New York Times, last year over 50% of all babies born in America, were babies born to minorities. So what does this all mean? OK, well let me cue Public Enemy’s classic album, “Fear Of A Black