About Us

We are a collective of conscious free-thinkers who aren’t afraid to question everything; and question what we believe in twice as much. We enjoy engaging with fuck ups like ourselves who spend half of everyday stressed out like Jack Baur trying to right their wrongs. Stressed out to the point that we’re losing weight, which actually makes us happy to be stressed. We have a lot to say, and please believe, we’re never wrong when we do. Our aim isn’t to be your favorite bloggers; instead, our aim is to utilize this space to exist as the conscience of those afraid to speak truth to power.




RiPPa is the editor and publisher of A finalist in the 2009 Black Weblog Awards, he was also a regular contributor to, &, and Born in Trinidad & Tobago, and having spent well over half of his life in the United States, RiPPa’s’s life hasn’t been, how Langston Hughes wrote “a crystal stair”, but that stairway has enriched him with life experiences that has shaped his point of view on various subjects. He’s a severely Progressive Liberal, with a love for fried chicken, watermelon, and Barack Obama. He’s black, he’s proud, and with this website, as a teller of uncomfortable truths and habitual line-stepper, he’s not afraid to say it loud.